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Dialogue from the episode Dwight Biddle: Well, that`s more what I got into, I guess. I got lost. Shirley Schmidt: You? Well, I, me, can`t pretend I`m not shocked. Nevertheless, embezzlement is not grounds for cancellation of the notice. There is something you are not telling me. Dwight Biddle: I got lost with Wendy. You met Wendy Shirley Schmidt: Wendy. Your cow? Dwight Biddle: We came very close. One night, Id drank a little, I guess. Jeanie and I were a little apart and Shirley Schmidt: Did you get lost in life? Denny Crane: Denny Crane. I don`t know why I`m here. Denny Crane.

I was summoned! Denny Crane. Denny Crane. Denny Crane. Denny Crane: Was it one? I can do it. Brad: He`s afraid of clowns. Alain: I`m not. It was strategy. Alan pushes Brad; Brad pushes Alan; Shirley pushes Brad. Shirley disapproving: Hey. Dwight Biddle: Well, Jeanie looks a bit like a cow.

You see? I fell in love with Wendy because she reminded me of you. Marshal Stepcoe: He said he had a social responsibility. My god! We asked viewers to click on Aaron Brown for a laugh. Our show became preacher, not funny. Dwight Biddle: You know? I never wanted to tell you that. When you were thirteen and your parents sent Bumpy away? It wasn`t in a greener pasture where we could be happier, as they told you. Bumpy went to a slaughterhouse and then went back to your freezer. You ate it, Shirley! So don`t become so high and powerful with me! You`ve eaten your precious bump! Brad Chase: Has a clown ever done anything to you? Alan Shore: No! They are just bad. Brad Chase: Alan? You must close.

First of all, you have a better grasp of this whole global warming problem, which I`ll deal with as Alan Shore: Fuzzy Math. Brad Chase: And second, at some point, every person, even the half-developed gender, has to face their fears. You must stand up and enter into this agreement. Alan Shore: Will the clown be there? __ Paul Lewiston: Hes los Larry King! Shirley Schmidt: What? Paul Lewiston: Tonight. He takes the seven-hour shuttle. Shirley Schmidt: Denny, can`t you be serious? Denny Crane: Why does everyone insist I can`t be serious? This guy Charlie killed me live on TV! Shirley Schmidt: I think you slandered mine. Denny Crane: Well. I have the last word. Jeanie Biddle: A lot of restrictions? It is not that I have established ground rules. But limiting oneself to a single species is one of them.

Our species, Dwight. Dwight Biddle: I cancelled it. Denny Crane: The problem with the criminal justice system is that criminals have more rights, they get more attention, they get more sympathy than victims! It`s disgusting, Larry. That, that, uh. It`s disgusting, let`s go to the public. Hey! Donna in Cincinnati, what did you have? Brad Chase: Alan? You have to do it. You are forty-four years old. Tell them you`re a fan. Shake his hand. Alan Shore: Do you want to go with me? Brad Chase: Right by your side.

Alan Shore: What would you do as mayor, Denny? Real. Denny Crane: Oh, I don`t know. Id attacks Rhode Island. Small. Denny Crane: It`s fun to be me. Is it fun to be yourself? Alan Shore: Most of the time, yes, actually. Denny Crane: Well, what else is there? Alan Shore: Yes. Read more dialogue in our transcript Did you know. ? Larry Denny Crane piloted the shuttle from Boston to Washington to perform live with Larry King. Larry King moved his series from DC to Los Angeles three years ago, making the Boston Legal script unlikely. Larry now lives in Brentwood and his show is broadcast from CNN`s Los Angeles office in Chinatown. [Rainmaker forum article] Reunion Susan Ruttan plays Jeanie Biddle in this episode.

Susan has a long history with David E. Kelley and worked for seven years at Los Angeles Law under the name Roxanne Melman. She was nominated for four Emmys and two Golden Globes for her role — and won Best Supporting Actress in a High-Quality Drama Series at the 1988 Viewers for Quality Television Awards. Wendy For our music fans, as you know, DEK likes to play with musical irony. Towards the end of this episode, as Dwight Biddle gave up his love for Wendy the cow and returned to Jeanie, his cow, the pet sounds of “Wendy” by the Beach Boys played and emphasized fear. For a limited time, you can listen to a streaming version of the song on our built-in homepage player. Wendy, Wendy what went wrong Oh so bad We`ve been together for so long. Zozo the clown Alan Shore? Fear. From. Clowns? Where have I heard this before? Ah, Conan.

Spader, as a guest on the talk show, described a documentary he saw on television about a woman`s phobia and said: ” and she had died of fear of clowns. jamesspader.org/tv-conan.shtml Joel McKinnon Miller plays Zozo. It won`t be the first time he`s played with James Spader. Joel played the minister in the movie “Dream Lover” with Spader. Joel was also in David E. Kelley “Picket Fences” and appeared in Candice`s “Murphy Brown” series. Episode Summary “Truly, Madly, Deeply” / Season 2, Episode 7 A story about cows, clowns, courage, criminals and the imitable mayor Crane Posted: November 8, 2005 Description of SpoilerFix: Denny Crane is horrified to have to do pro bono work for an unrepentant man who raped and killed a 13-year-old girl, So he goes to the extreme, to get out of the case – an effort that puts him in jail. Meanwhile, Alan Shore and Brad Chase defend a TV network that fired Zozo the Clown (Joel McKinnon Miller) for talking to its young viewers about environmental issues. During the trial, Brad is surprised to learn that Alan`s fear of childhood clowns prevents him from addressing Zozo in court. And when a longtime client comes to Shirley Schmidt to stop his wife`s action to annul their 23-year-old marriage, Schmidt is stunned to learn how the husband cheated on his wife. ABC Description: Dwight Biddle comes to see Shirley when his wife wants his marriage of over twenty years annulled because he has lost himself.

But not with another woman.

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