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The multi-award winning short comic film, MOTHER OF THE WEEK©, is the story of a stressed-out working mom determined to be everything to everyone, no matter what the circumstances. Executive Produced by Mark Lobene & Ron Verstappen, Directed by Lee Davis, co-produced by Adrienne Paxton and Jennifer Jiles, Theme Song by Steve Pollak/ Dude of Life and Charlie de Saint Phalle, and written by Emmy-winner Jennifer Jiles and Frederick Stroppel, this film is for EveryMom, and anyone who knows and loves her.

Starring: Jennifer Jiles as Stacey
Mark Lobene as Tim
Lexi Zettle as Marisa
MaryAnn Conk as Mrs. Brijenski
Steven Cutts as Antwon
Nicholas Foti as Noah
Randi Kaplan as Dawn
Simone Lazer as Valerie
Alessia Pizza as Kaitlin
Anthony Pizza as Tyler

Director of Photography: Hai-Tao Wu
1st Assistant Director: Albert Massiah
Editor & Sound Editor: Nicholas Guldner
Set Designer: Rhonda Malhotra
Script Supervisor: Sontenish Myers
First Assistant Cameraman: Oscar Araujo
Key grip: Ning Li
Gaffer: Adam Benn
Additional Gaffer: Jose del C. Martinez
2nd Assistant Director: Francisco Salazar
Costume Design: Pam Gordy
Hair and Makeup: Jackie Montroy, Juliet Cortez, Belen Mejia, Rosemarie Ferraro, Cassie Garbin
Jewelry: Adrienne Paxton Jewelry Design
Score: Robert Kessler and Ethan Neuburg
Production Assistants: Tony Mendez, Bobby Beavers, Justin Zverin, Tracy Gibson, Ebony Kennedy, Louie Fortes, Julia Palmer, Lisa Escobio, Toni Calix, Erick Majano
Still Photography: Ray Karaman
Transportation: Janusz Gajczyk