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I am rightly so confused about these emissions laws. Before we could install the JBA exhaust, we had to tear off the OEM pipes. It was a simple process after a few small reciprocal sawing actions to speed things up. Large aftermarket retailers are not willing to take this risk and will conduct extensive research to determine which products are acceptable for their shelves at each location to ensure they are not subject to penalties. That`s why it`s a good idea to get a cat-back exhaust system at a store like NAPA Auto Parts LA Truck & Auto, AutoZone, Pep Boys or even Walmart. “Aftermarket catalysts must be exempt from California`s anti-tampering laws to be legally sold and installed in the state. If a retrofit catalytic converter proves to be durable and meets vehicle emission control requirements, it benefits from an exemption regulation (EO) allowing it to be installed in certain controlled emission vehicles. Source: California Air Resources Board With California`s latest emissions laws with mandatory fines, it`s best to comply with the law. Fines for illegal exhaust fumes can be very high. Even if you`re below 95 decibels, it`s worth getting your vehicle checked and going to the traffic court. Silent: The smog test does not test the silencer. However, we do not recommend taking the vehicle to test if your vehicle`s muffler is broken or has holes due to damage or rust.

This can make it difficult for the smog technician to convince the smog machine to agree to test your vehicle. When this area of your exhaust system is replaced, it is usually replaced with pipes that are larger in diameter than the original pipes (between the catalytic converter and the muffler and exhaust pipe) and have a glass silencer. Glasspack silencers allow the exhaust to pass directly through the center of the silencer. The first step in installing a new exhaust system is to put a vehicle in the air and dirty the old exhaust system. We cut the exhaust with a reciprocating saw to remove the pipes around the rear axle. The standard system comes with a resonator and a silencer with a fairly restrictive valve. The JBA exhaust comes with a single muffler with two internal perforated pipes for smooth exhaust. If the performance enhancement component you want to add or install in your vehicle, whether it`s a compressor, turbo, air intake, manifold, etc., is not listed on CARB`s website, it is not intended for legal use in California, except for off-road use only under certain circumstances. And this can lead to the failure of your vehicle`s smog inspection. AC doesn`t check for exhaust noise unless you get a ticket for a noise violation, so you can simply go to a status reference and prove that your car exceeds the noise limit, so a ventilated exhaust should be fine. Penalties for illegal exhaust gases depend on the type of exhaust modifications and your location. The minimum penalty for a first conviction is a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $100, with a total fee of $193.

Fees can be as high as $1,105 in some cases. For subsequent offences, the fine is $100 to $250. The original JBA kit came with only one tip. We`ve upgraded to a brand new design that has two tips at the exit. Because Chevrolet/GMC 1500 trucks have different bed lengths and manufacturing tolerances, a hose from the JBA kit had to be tested and cut to fit our application. Once we had the right length, we started squeezing the system together and connecting it to the standard Y-tube using the supplied clamps. The clamps were of good quality (which isn`t always something you get with a replacement exhaust system) and worked well to hold the system together. Modifications with a CARB EO/sticker number are considered CARB approved and pass a smog test. In most cases, these modifications do not handle emission-related devices and do not operate in the same way as OEM catalytic converters. Performance enhancement components purchased online or out-of-state may require a bit of work to ensure they don`t cause an error in the California smog test.

We decided to test our results with a VP Racing octanium fuel additive in the tank, new PerTronix spark plug wires and a new legal CARB exhaust from JBA Performance Exhaust. Good news: the power was high! One of the most common myths about vehicle customization that people still believe in is that you need to source your parts from where you want to install the part. This is not always true. Often, you can save money and time and make sure the part you`re buying is legal in your area by buying from an aftermarket auto parts dealership. 95 dbA is the legal limit for vehicle exhaust noise in California. Police can “exercise judgment” to determine if your exhaust noise is above the legal limit. Most factory-installed exhaust systems do not exceed 75 decibels, even in powerful sports cars. What you need to have: Engine performance enhancement components such as upgrade ECU, turbo units, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, and other emissions-related components can cause smog control issues, but if there is evidence that the upgrade units are legal for use in California (they have an EO number) or are OEM parts, They will not cause a vehicle to fail California smog tests. Once the JBA shorty manifolds were tightened and our new PerTronix/JBA connection wires fit perfectly, we went to the back of the exhaust. As the standard exhaust was simply too quiet for our taste, we opted for JBA`s Performance exhaust system (PN 40-3051), which should replace the exhaust south of the catalytic converter. Again, leaving the serial catalyst alone and stored is key to CARB compliance.

The decibel limit in California for exhaust systems is 95 decibels. This leaves considerable room for maneuver, given that even high-performance muscle cars almost never exceed exhaust noise above 75 decibels. You shouldn`t have to worry about how to pass the emissions test with a modified car in California as long as the cat-back doesn`t interfere with anything related to emissions control like oxygen sensors. The JBA exhaust brackets have been perfectly placed to hook the exhaust to the GMC Sierra. You can see that the clamp near the muffler is still loose when we chose the angle of the exhaust tips. Exact fines and penalties for illegal emissions changes can be found in the California Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules (PDF document; see page 26). Will aftermarket collectors fail my car in the smog test? Installing spare parts: I want to install high-performance replacement parts on my car engine, but I`m worried I`ll have trouble passing the AC smog test. I want to install a turbo unit, an air intake unit and an exhaust fitting.

How do I know if the upgrade parts I want to use are legal for California smog and fail the emissions test? What about OEM parts? This cat-back exhaust system costs $1,379.99 if you purchased it from CJ Pony Parts. On the other hand, if you buy a MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Performance exhaust system directly from MagnaFlow, you can expect to pay around $850 without labor. This cat-back exhaust system is suitable for Ford F-150s and is actually quite easy to install yourself, which can save you money! It`s also worth taking a look at the payment plans. Many manufacturers offer one that can make a cat-back exhaust system an option for you, even if you can`t buy one directly. There are also additional regulations, so we recommend checking out the California Vehicle Code for important sections related to exhaust noise levels. For example, section 2115.3 prohibits the installation of whistleblowers or similar devices that emit a high-pitched or shrill noise while the vehicle is in motion. We started our adventure in the shop with the JBA Shorty Headers. The passenger side was simple. We detached the standard exhaust manifold from the exhaust Y-pipe (three screws on the flange) and then detached the manifold from the head. The JBA piece came in like butter, and we used their graphite seals to prevent annoying exhaust leaks. After lowering a few screws, we ended up on the right side of the truck.

Smog check only performs a computer check of trouble codes All vehicle exhaust systems must be equipped with silencers. Leads, cuts and especially pipe ends are not allowed. Catback exhaust systems are great mods for many people and their vehicles. Since they don`t affect the emissions system, they`re completely legal in California as long as they`re not too noisy. You can expect to pay around $1000, plus the labor costs imposed by the plumbing shop. Since large retailers also don`t want to be penalized for violating regulations and emissions laws, this is a good place to start your search. Finally, check the manufacturer`s website in case you might get it at a cheaper price. (a) No person shall modify the exhaust system of a motor vehicle so as to increase or increase the noise emitted by the vehicle engine so that the vehicle does not conform to the provisions of article 27150 or exceeds the sound limits set for the vehicle type in article 2.5 (starting with article 27200). No person shall drive a motor vehicle equipped with such a modified exhaust system. (b) For the purposes of exhaust systems fitted to motor vehicles with a manufacturer`s maximum permissible weight of less than 6,000 pounds, excluding motorcycles, a sound level of 95 dbA or less when tested in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers Standard J1169 of May 1998 corresponds to this clause.

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