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No email requests: Follow the instructions at the bottom of each email or marketing newsletter, or access the Sirius XM Newsletter Preference Center at No, SiriusXM channels are satellite, so you don`t need® to pair your phone to use the feature. Go online under and follow the instructions. Help us make statutory salaries more transparent. Get exclusive access to anonymized legal salary data. Solicitudes que no le envíen correos electrónicos: sigue las instrucciones incluidas en la parte da debajo de cada correo electrónico de mercadeo o de noticias o vaya al Centro de Preferencia en SiriusXM Newsletter a Not covered: The collection, disclosure, use or making available to Sirius XM affiliates of information is governed by the privacy policy of that particular subsidiary. (1) To the extent you own or operate a vehicle capable of using the Connected Car Services offered under a Sirius XM brand or provided by Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc., such as SiriusXM Guardian, such Connected Car Services may also collect and use personal information about you and your vehicle (“Information Collected by CVS”). These connected car services operate independently of your Sirius XM wireless or data service subscription and hardware, and are subject to their own privacy policies. Information collected by CVS is not covered by this policy.

For more information on the collection and use of their data, please refer to your vehicle`s owner`s manual or the privacy policy of the applicable connected vehicle service program. (2) To the extent that you use or subscribe to Pandora streaming services or interact with events or other Pandora Media LLC (“Pandora”) services, the information Pandora® collects and uses, shares or sells is not covered by this Policy. For more information about Pandora`s data collection and use, please see Pandora`s Privacy Policy, available at The following is a summary of the various reasons why we may share your information and whether you can restrict that sharing. Please read the full policy for full details on our collection, use and sharing practices. HOW IS INFORMATION SHARED? We share your information as necessary to conduct our business. For our day-to-day business purposes – to provide customer service, maintenance or other business functions for or for the Services or Websites, to provide services or other services to you through our affiliates; to personalize your listening, driving or using experience; for emails, mail and telephone calls related to sales, billing, billing, accounting, service and account; to conduct customer research, improve existing products or services or develop new ones. Do we share? Yes. Can you demand that we stop sharing? No, you cannot stop this sharing. For our own marketing purposes – to offer service improvements, new products or services; to send information about special offers, promotions or information that we think may be of interest to you; to conduct market research; to advertise SiriusXM products and services.

Do we share? Yes. Can you demand that we stop sharing? No, you can`t stop sharing, but you can tell us your preferred contact preferences. For joint marketing with selected content providers, retail stores or third-party offers – to provide opportunities or information; To send information about the products, services or opportunities of our agents, for example from car manufacturers or satellite radio retailers or for other vehicle services we share? Yes, we are allowed to share. Can you demand that we stop sharing? Yes, you can stop this sharing. For third party advertising – to provide third-party advertising tailored to your interests on websites or applications operated by Sirius XM; or to monitor and control the delivery, performance and frequency of advertisements. Do we share? Yes, we are allowed to share. Can you demand that we stop sharing? You may have the option to limit the information shared for third-party advertising. Please see the “Cookies” section below and your California consumer privacy rights, if applicable. YOUR CHOICES TO LIMIT OUR USE AND SHARING OF YOUR INFORMATION Your postal address and email address: Your choice not to be tracked online (“tracking”): Our websites do not currently respond to your web browser`s “tools” to not track your online activity. There are other methods you can use to notify us and third-party online ad networks of your online tracking options.

You can opt out of how companies that are not affiliated with us (see list here under use tracking tools and collect your information when you visit our websites by visiting each of their privacy policies and following the instructions therein. You can also use two tools available from the Digital Advertising Alliance to record your choices regarding the collection and use of your information on mobile sites and through online targeted advertising sites and applications: and Your choices not to be tracked when using our Service: Currently, you cannot opt out of the collection of listener usage data or the use of vehicle radios through your use of our online media player, mobile applications, and activated radios. You may also not restrict the collection of your IP address (your “approximate location”). Without your explicit consent, we do not collect the geolocation of your mobile device to identify your latitude and longitude (your “beautiful location”). If you use an activated radio to receive services, your activated radio`s geolocation tools and correct location may be disabled through your radio`s SiriusXM system settings. By selecting “LISTEN NOW”, “CONTINUE USING” or similar, you agree that Sirius XM will have access to your location until you take steps to disable geolocation tools. If you disable geolocation tools and continue to use traffic, Travel Link and related services while driving, we will not be able to provide you with the optimal functionality of these services. Satellite radios other than activated radios do not identify or transmit the location of your vehicle. If you access our Service through an iOS mobile application, your device may give you the opportunity to limit the collection of your mobile device pseudonym identifier and the use of certain information collected through the device for third-party advertising purposes or to recognize your use across multiple applications or devices. For mobile applications on other operating systems, you can reset and change your mobile device ID at your discretion through your own mobile device settings. Please refer to the information provided to you by the manufacturer of your mobile device.

Your telephone number (for telemarketing sales calls): Opt-out requests: You can subscribe to our Do Not Call list by calling 1-866-303-5603. If an appeal campaign is in progress, you may still be contacted while your request is being processed, so it may take up to thirty days for your request to take effect. We may have more than one phone number for you or your family members, so please specify exactly which numbers you are asking us not to call. Regardless of whether your numbers are listed as “Do Not Call” in our records, we may still use the number(s) to call you for service and account matters. For more information about our do-not-call policy, see RIGHTS AND CHOICES FOR RESIDENTS OF CERTAIN STATES RESIDENT IN California: Your rights to opt out of the potential sale of your personal information: Your personal information may be sold by Sirius XM (as defined in California Civil Code § 1798) to other companies for their own marketing purposes or as consideration for our business.

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