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expectorant and diaphoretic, in small doses; Emetic and narcotic, bigger. But remember that the emetics given _first_ _pure Ipecacuanha they contain really new and “fresh” images – “the atmosphere of vomiting hair from his throat”. It occurred to him that the crushed stone had failed and that only the pharmacy remained. A doctor was called, an emetic was administered and cleaned, and after a while he recovered from the symptoms of poisoning. My landlord, who took pity on me, called a Jewish doctor who prescribed an emetic that quickly cured me of my fever. King was brought inside and given an emetic when he vomited a lot of poison. It`s like some kind of crushing plant or something like that. We immediately gave him an emetic that worked well, and before night he was relieved of any alarming symptoms. Latin emetica, from the Greek emetikÄ, from the feminine of emetikos, which causes vomiting, from emein to vomit – more in vomit Emetics was a disgusting practice of Roman _bon vivants_ who were afraid of indigestion.] [Note 3: The verse Cicero quotes from Lucilius is about the same.] [Note 4: Probably as a greeting; or perhaps as a precaution.] You can also use the word emetic figuratively to describe anything that makes you sick — the movement of a storm-shaken boat could easily be an emetic, and the tuna sandwich the guy sitting next to you on the bus just unwrapped could also be an emetic for anyone sitting nearby. But, of course, an emetic is out of the question here. Both are pectoral and expectorant; and high doses nausea and emetics. Third, each story and poem, if available, has a short epilogue of Zelazny himself explaining his own feelings about it, as well as a glossary of literary references (most of which are correct, although I wouldn`t be surprised if the miller whose writing has vomiting effects is Henry and not Arthur). An emetic is a medicine or potion that makes you vomit, which you can receive if you have ingested poison or another harmful substance.

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