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Read on for our detailed guide so you can get to know your new base and the surrounding communities. Seymour Johnson`s legal office, located at 1600 Wright Brothers Avenue, Suite 265, provides legal advice and prepares wills and powers of attorney for military personnel, retirees and their families. Office hours are Tuesday to Friday, 0900 – 1530. Wills and consultations are only accessible by appointment, powers of attorney and notaries are accessible. Seymour Johnson Air Force Base has a temporary accommodation hotel as you get used to your new task. The hotel offers its guests (limited) pet-friendly accommodation and a non-smoking environment. Enjoy amenities like free coffee, hot chocolate and tea, children`s play areas, free washing machines and more. The reception is open 24/7, although check-in starts at 14:00 and check-out at 11:00. To book, visit the Southern Pines Inn. There are a number of small regional airports near Seymour Johnson, but the closest is Raleigh-Durham International Airport near Raleigh. It`s just over an hour`s drive from the base and there`s also a Greyhound station in Raleigh that can get you to Goldsboro in about the same amount of time. The 4 FW Office of the Staff Judge Advocate provides legal assistance and preventive legal training to military members, retirees and dependents in a variety of legal matters, including: wills, living medical wills, powers of attorney, protection and responsibilities under the Civil Assistance to Service Members Act (SCRA), the Uniformed Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act, 1994 (USERRA), family law, rental law, consumer law and taxation.

Article 137 Letter of revocation As from 15. December 2020, resumers will have the opportunity to complete the mandatory letter under Article 137 via ADLS (use Internet Explorer). Members must attach their certificate of completion to their re-engagement form provided by their Operations Advisor/PMS and submit this form to their Advisor/FPM. The Legal Department will continue to offer a face-to-face information session to interested parties on the first Tuesday of each month. Members may call the Legal Department at (919) 722-5322 for questions or further information. Please note that this does not apply to first-period airmen, they will meet this requirement via FTAC. Serve the Seymour team by providing professional, agile and comprehensive legal support to ensure the production and projection of the Air Force for America. The Air Force Legal Assistance website is an additional resource that military members need to get useful information on a range of legal topics, including consumer/financial matters, family law, immigration, real estate, the Civil Military Relief Act, taxes, voting, wills and estates, and many others. The information on the website is for educational and informational purposes only. The site is not a substitute for consultation with the local attorney general.

Goldsboro Greyhound Station is located in the middle of the city and not far from the base. Tickets are not sold locally, so they must be purchased online or elsewhere. If you plan to live on the base, check out the housing options available on the base. If not, read on to learn more about life outside the base. Newly deployed members arriving at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base during regular duty hours must first report to their unit administrator to obtain their unit`s processing checklist and service information worksheet. New arrivals must also participate in the processing of military personnel on the first day available after arrival. The treatment takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 1330 in building 3010. You must bring your package sealed from your last base, BAS form (Form AF 220) and service information worksheet by this date. Your unit administrator should help you get these forms. The information provided on this site is intended exclusively for members of active service, pensioners, their families and persons entitled to legal assistance.

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