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In the death sector, they organize the issuance and subsequent delivery of death certificates to families. The forensic assistant in this area is also responsible for analyzing cases where positive identification is not obtained by necroilloscopy, screening those whose identification will be carried out by DNA and contacting family members for the collection of genetic material. Last IGP SC competition for assistants completed11 years At that time, it was necessary for the competition to have a complete average and medium professional background, technical or higher in the field of health. In addition, a category B national driving licence was required. The expert assistants are also responsible for the entry, custody – while remaining under the custody of the State – and then the release of the bodies transferred to Comel. They carry out photographic documentation in the register of recordings and carry out the recognition of corpses with families at the time of release in the field of family registration. For those who do not know the area, it is a profession that can cause some quirks or surprises, but it should be noted that there is a reasonable demand for these auxiliaries, mainly through public tenders, in addition to specific training in the sector. In the next article, we will continue to talk about the Auxiliary Expert Position and show some of its many accomplishments in the coordination of Human Identification and Biometric Expertise (CIHPB), Forensic Laboratory Analysis (Calf) and Criminal Forensics (Copec). The opinion distributes the capacity to carry out the activities between Comel and the other coordinators. At the time of registration for the competition, the candidate for the position of specialist assistant must choose in which coordinator he wishes to work. Medical examiners are responsible for operationalizing care for deaths and supporting necropsy work. In addition, they receive family members to identify victims, among other important functions for the PGI and the population. Discover some of the main activities performed by the necropsy assistant: The position of forensic©assistant is paid at R$4,581.90.

With the recent approval of PLC 12/2021, which increases the remuneration of servers for public safety, the initial salary of the legal and legal aid organization©will be around 6,000 reais from July next year – at a time© when the new servers are starting to take up their duties. At the last stage of the career, this amount can reach R$ 16,000. Robledo Nali Moreira, a graduate in physiotherapy from the University of Vila Velha (UVV) and in law from the Institute of Higher Education and Training of Vitória (Iesfavi), has been working in the civil police for 12 years, having always worked in the DML. For Moreira, employee camaraderie, commitment, willingness to effectively support the coroner, as well as empathy and cordiality in dealing with people are essential elements for the successful performance of the function. Do you intend to work as a necropsy assistant? Are you planning to go to university? Which one? Let us know in the comments! At the Center for Special Care for Women, Children and Adolescents (Namca), Comel`s forensic assistants assist medical experts in expertise that involves violence against these named audiences and requires special attention. The necroppsy assistant works with coroners in organizations such as the IML (Legal Medical Institute), hospitals and laboratories. In general, he assists the physician responsible for the necropsy or autopsy processes, the examination of a cadaver to verify the cause and death. The basic position of the agency, the forensic assistant in the field of forensic medicine, performs functions aimed at the final coordination activity, cooperates with medical experts in conducting medico-legal necropsies, helps to identify injuries, search for traces in bodies, collection of biological material for further testing. According to career site Glassdoor, salaries for PM assistants range from R$3,000 to R$6,000. R$3,842.20 The approval aims to fill 70 vacancies in the position of forensic medicine assistant, which requires an intermediate level, according to the latest announcement.

The salary of the position until December 31, 2021 is R$ 3,842.20 in accordance with Supplementary Law No. 610 of December 20, 2013. In public tenders, the level of training of candidates for the position of necrop assistant generally varies. Some only require elementary school certification, while others require high school and possibly some courses. Want to learn more about what an autopsy aid does and what you should study to work in the field? Get to know the activities and workplaces of the PM helpers below and also see what training opportunities there are to work in the area! In the special #CarreirasPefoce, the forensic expertise of the State of Ceará (Pefoce) now presents the position of “forensic assistant”. For the Concurseiros who intend to join the agency, let`s talk a little about the activities of these professionals. The judicial assistant supports judicial experts, forensic experts and criminal experts in her field of responsibility in the work of internal and external expertise of their responsibility. To access the position, it is necessary to complete a duly registered degree to complete a higher education course in any field of knowledge issued by an educational institution recognized by mec. Of the 70 vacancies offered in the competition, 25 are exclusively for the Coordination of Forensic Medicine (Comel). The remaining 45 approved will be distributed and will be used for the coordination of criminal expertise (Copec), the coordination of human identification and biometric expertise (CIHPB) and the coordination of forensic laboratory analysis (Calf). Today, the series describes the performance of Comel`s specialized assistants.

In the next issue, we will discuss how expert assistants carry out their activities in the other Pefoce coordination. The region`s best-known (and highest-paid) senior profession is undoubtedly coroner. He is the professional responsible for necropsy procedures and remains examinations. Read also: Alternative medicine: know the courses in this area Check more: Find out if there is a criminal expert faculty ð¡ð Know our online and FREE course for the IGP SC competition: Legal©Assistant of the General Institute of Perãcia do Estado de Santa Catarina + Criminal lawyer: all about this profession Still according to Heitor Ferreira, When analyzing the process of building fepese banks, it is noted that its evidence does not have a very high degree of difficulty. “For example, if you compare with other banks such as Cebraspe and Fundaço Getúlio Vargas (FGV), there are no major difficulties. But the candidate must be attentive, especially to content like Português and Reasoning WOOL, which makes differences in the final grade,” he says. In addition to certifying the qualification and expanding their field of activity, higher education is a big difference for those looking for a job in the job market.

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