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Windshield: Non-reflective tint on the top 6 inches of the windshield is allowed. Front window: Must let in more than 70% light. Rear windows on limousines: Must let in more than 70% light. For SUVs: Any darkness can be used. Rear window: Any darkness can be used. In New York City, cars (especially sedans, coupes, and sedans) are subject to different window tinting rules than larger cars, such as trucks, SUVs, and vans, often referred to as minivans or multi-purpose vehicles, so we`ll break down the laws by car and minivan separately. Cars in New York may have a tint of windows on the front and rear windows that allows at least 70% or more of the sunlight visible in the cabin. This adds a bit of privacy, significantly reduces glare, helps reduce infrared heat, and can block more than 99% of the sun`s harmful and harmful UV light. The 70% VLT window shade is only slightly dark, but it slightly changes the look of the car and adds style and depth to the look. In New York City, the rear windows of cars, also known as rear windows, can be tinted until nightfall, including darkening the privacy screen.

According to the NYS DMV website, “Law enforcement officials have issued approximately 710,000 tickets since 2012. If a law enforcement officer stops you, the penalty for illegal window tinting can be up to $150. “The darkness of the glass tint is measured by the percentage of visible light transmission (VLT%). The lower the number, the darker the hue. Thus, 5% is darker than 35%, which is darker than 70%. New York City authorities can issue tinted windows with fines of up to $150, and nearly a million glass-tint tickets have been issued in the state over the past 10 years. Illegal window tinting is also a surefire way for your vehicle not to pass the inspection, which will cost you even more time and money when you have the tint removed or replaced, and then the car is inspected again. Unless you have a medical or business reason to apply for an exemption and get a darker shade, it`s best to stick to the legal window tint and avoid a window film ticket or a failed inspection, which your car must pass each year if it`s registered in New York State.

When it comes to the tint of your glass, the amount of light allowed through your window is called VLT or visible light transmission. This is the percentage of light allowed through the glass, and this law changes depending on the type and type of vehicle used. Let`s take a look at a few different regulations for two different vehicle classes. SUVs and vans are quite similar, with the front allowing for six-inch coverage and the front side windows requiring 70% of the passage of light to the rear window can be used in the dark. The real difference is that the rear window can be used in shade and in the dark. Just like sedans, you can`t use a mirror or metal substance. The simple answer is yes, but within legal limits. According to NYS DMV, NYS does not allow darkened windshields or front side windows. Windscreens and front side windows shall not block more than 30 per cent of the light transmittance. In other words, 70% or more of the light from the outside has to come through the window. This law also applies to the rear window, unless the vehicle is equipped with exterior mirrors on both sides.

Rear-view mirrors must allow the driver to have a complete and unobstructed view behind the vehicle. The rear glasses must also allow at least 70% of the light from the outside through the window if the vehicle is classified as a station wagon, sedan, hardtop, coupe, tailgate or convertible. Finally, keep in mind that New York`s dyeing laws and regulations may be interpreted differently depending on the county or place of residence. First, check the laws and regulations on window tint in your area to avoid conflicts. It is illegal to sell, offer for sale or install glass that does not comply with this law. It is illegal to drive a vehicle with a window that does not comply with this law. Windshield: Non-reflective tint on the top 6 inches of the windshield is allowed. The front side windows of larger vehicles (MPVs) in New York are subject to the same rules as cars and must have a tint not exceeding 70% VLT.

However, the rear side windows of vans, trucks, and SUVs may have a dark window tint, including the full blackout protection tint that does not allow a view inside the vehicle. The rear windows (AKA rear or rear windows) of larger vehicles can be tinted according to New York rules, even in the dark. New York DMV – Application for Tinted Glass Exemption (Form MV-80W; File .pdf) The darkest legal shade is 70%, although there are other points you need to consider. First of all, you need two side mirrors if the rear window is tinted, and under no circumstances can your tinted windows be colored. Finally, certification must be provided for all hues, which usually involve a sticker on the film to verify that the film comes from a certified manufacturer in the state. The measurement of the tint of the window is carried out with an exposure meter. Stop or call to schedule your NYS Window Tint inspection – quickly while you wait! If you need to remove the tint to pass the NYS inspection, we will also remove it on site for you. From 1 January 2017, the inspection of tinted or shaded windows will be mandatory during vehicle inspections. A video about this change is available on YouTube. From 20.

In December 2017, NYS Health Department regulations were updated to establish additional medical conditions that could benefit from an exemption from light transmission limits. If you have any of the following medical conditions that require tinted vehicle glass, you can apply for an exemption from the law using the Tinted Window Exemption Application (MV-80W). Section 375(12)(a) of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law does not authorize dark windshields or front side windows.

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