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The Office of Legal Affairs provides legal advice on a wide range of disciplinary matters to the Squadron Commander as well as subordinate units and partner commands as part of the global mission. We enable commanders to maintain good order and discipline through the efficient and fair administration of military justice, from administrative measures to general courts martial. **Please note: Due to the large number of Navy personnel in the area, we are asking active duty Navy members and their dependents to use the legal assistance services of Naval Base Norfolk and surrounding naval stations for testamentary and legal advice. The Navy`s Legal Assistance website can be found at:; We are able to provide notary and power of attorney services to serving members of the Navy and their dependents during our regular hours of service.** If you need to draft your will, consider signing a lease, or need a power of attorney or notarized signature, you will need legal assistance and, Better yet, military personnel and their families will have access to legal assistance. Absolutely free! Veterans are not eligible for these services. The Judge Advocate provides individuals and organizations with timely and targeted legal services in the areas of military justice, adverse administrative measures and ethics, civil, operational, environmental, labour and contract law. The judge advocate provides preventive justice and legal assistance. Be aware of this and get what you are entitled to. Stay up-to-date on all the legal benefits available to you as a member, veteran or spouse and receive updates directly to your inbox by subscribing to For a complete list of legal services and contact information for your nearest law firm, visit The Judge Advocate of 633 Wing Air Base provides legal advice and assistance to the Commander of 633 ABW and more than 40 unit commanders and staff agencies in the areas of military justice, adverse administrative measures and ethics, civil, operational, environmental, labour and contracting law. Judge Advocate 633 ABW also provides preventive law advice, legal advice, and tax advice to a clientele of more than 75,000 people, is responsible for all claims for and against the government, and prosecutes civilian offenders in federal courts. Each military service has specific rules on the amount of legal assistance it provides.

For more information, please contact your legal advisory office. Deployers: Deployers take precedence over all other clients. If you are on duty soon and need legal advice, please let the paralegal know when you call. We make sure your requirements are met before deploying it. If you have time, we recommend that you fill out a will worksheet before meeting with a lawyer so that the process goes more smoothly. To complete a will worksheet, go to Available by Agreement or Walk-in. Walk-in tours are open to all eligible clients: M-F 0800 – 1100. To schedule a power of attorney or notary appointment, please call 757-225-6107. Personal civil matters that often arise in the context of mutual legal assistance: Year-round tax assistance is available by appointment. To obtain a power of attorney, you must complete an online worksheet by going to

Be sure to bring your ticket number to the legal advice office. Legal officers are members of the Judges-Advocate General (JAG) Corps. JAGs can offer assistance in legal and non-legal areas such as contract law, immigration law, divorce, wills, notarial services, etc. If an office of the JAG cannot help you, they will refer you to a specialist lawyer if necessary, usually through a local lawyer placement service. The Langley Legal Support Office provides legal assistance in personal civil matters to support and maintain command effectiveness and readiness. Less than 10 U.S.C. Article 1044 provides for the capacity to provide legal assistance and services to the categories of personnel in question subject to the availability of human resources and legal expertise. Although legal aid is not funded separately, it has been provided to members of the armed forces since 1943 and is now seen as one of the benefits of military service. The JBSA law firm is closed every AETC day and holiday. The law firm may be closed on other days for training or special events.

Are they deployed? Is it possible for you to deploy? If so, please bring a legal readiness checklist prior to our office deployment so that a member of our staff can work with you to ensure you are ready. Because of the usually large number of people working at the same time, it is very important that members address legal preparation issues as early as possible so that we can ensure that our capacity matches the demand. Wills are only made by agreement. To receive a will, please complete an online will worksheet and call 757-225-6107 to make an appointment with a lawyer. Legal assistance is only available to all authorized employees by appointment. Please call the Legal Aid Office at 757-225-6107 to make an appointment with a lawyer. Currently, consultations are only by telephone. Wills are made in two parts: The first part is a consultation with a lawyer who drafts the will and advises you on probate issues. The second part is signing the will when you come in person to one of the law firms to sign your legal documents. Active duty members, dependants and pensioners are entitled to legal assistance. The highest priority is given to Air Force personnel who require mission-related mobilization or legal assistance to facilitate the operational readiness of the command.

There are several other specialized categories of persons entitled to legal aid. For a complete list of eligible individuals, see IFA 51-304. For proxies, see to design a power of attorney worksheet. Once a ticket number has been generated, call your local legal department to make an appointment with that ticket number. Legal Aid establishes a solicitor-client relationship between the client and the Air Force lawyer and consists of Air Force lawyers who advise eligible beneficiaries in personal civil matters. For all other legal matters, the Air Force remains the client of the Air Force Attorney. In these other cases, Air Force lawyers cannot advise individuals or entities or enter into an attorney-client relationship with them. Air Force lawyers acting in an official capacity cannot establish a solicitor-client relationship in the following areas: Please visit the Air Force Legal Aid website for legal information and an online tool that allows you to provide our firm with the information you need to prepare your will or power of attorney. Will and Power of Attorney forms can be found under the “Legal Worksheets” tab. Once you have completed the worksheet, please call our office with your ticket number to plan a will. Power of attorney is a walk-in service that we offer at the reception. Please bring your ticket number to our office.

Legal aid staff are located on almost every base, every ship and every facility. If you are having trouble finding legal aid, you can find the office near you by visiting one of the following websites: Appointments can be made at: Temporarily suspended walk-in services Legal assistance is provided on the basis of available resources and staff. If they are able to make their own decisions now, and there is no need for others to act on behalf of those appointing a power of attorney in the near future, a Spring Power of Attorney might be the best choice. A jumping power of attorney is a general power of attorney, which, however, is not effective at the time of its signature. Instead, the document comes into effect when the identifier becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to act on its own behalf.

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