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Since they were heavily introduced in Standard/Historic last year, I`ve fallen in love with the bad guys. I wonder why they don`t have a deck in Modern. I guess it`s because they`re too fair to get the wins in Modern, but maybe there`s another reason I don`t know. I started brewing a deck that I think is right, but that could reap the benefits. What about [[Oona`s Blackguard]] or [[Bitterblossom]]? Your deck looks a bit like the standard rogue deck with some tweaks :/ I came here to say that Sonkerz (same name on Twitter) has played Rogues Style Decks with some success. They just don`t quite have the firepower for modern speed. However, this bridge is definitely suitable for FNM. A kind of nonbo with the other bad guys who ensure that your opponent has cards in his GY, although this type of cards is particularly problematic because the nature of the society collected means that you are limited in how you can fight this arms race. With Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, you can work towards a Valakut, the melted endgame of the Pinnacle that once again prevails over these powerful cards without sacrificing the effectiveness of your key card. I have five trophies this season with Rogues (Sonkerz) and I think it`s very close to becoming a big deck, it`s just missing another good creature with lightning. There seem to be some villains in the whole D&D, hopefully there will be a very good one so we can play 10-12 villains plus a few Snapcasters.

The core of the bridge is strong and flexible. (*) Prices are based on the average price in TCGPLAYER.COM store. Notably, we`ve already seen Selesnya Company with Heliod, Sun-Crowned Skyclave Apparition also take over, although this interaction is less important for a deck that wants to set up a combo and not necessarily play a fair game. This is a testament to the power of Skyclave`s appearance in a corporate shell, and she will exploit it even more. Cool list, looks like I could go a little easier on creatures and add more control Long-time modern players can recognize this deck from a few years ago when a previous iteration had a small hit. It may sound like a hodgepodge of creatures, but this deck plays a great attrition game with the advantage of the Collected Company, Courser of Kruphix and Tireless Tracker card, as well as the usefulness of Knight of the Reliquiy. The bridge wasn`t strong enough to last long, but powerful new impressions, namely Skyclave Apparition and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, breathed new life into the bridge. Drown in the Loch and Into the Story are still present in the full sets, but we now have Thought Scour as additional ways to make them possible. In the buffet, my biggest change was adding more counter spells. My goal is to be able to tap on Urza as soon as possible, while leaving some interaction for your opponent`s response. I list a split of Aether Gust, Disdainful Stroke, and Ceremonious Rejection alongside Mystical Disputes, but feel free to adjust the numbers as the metagame unfolds. Just make sure you`re well prepared for the big mana decks.

Urza is one of the most powerful creatures in all of Modern, and even without the same supporting cast of Mox Opal and Arcum`s Astrolabe, I think she can compete again. Martyr of Sands decks have been around in Modern for quite some time, and over the years they`ve evolved from gimmick life-gain decks to a powerful attrition strategy that thrives in metagames with lots of aggro and mid-range. This deck does not contain any life gain elements, but focuses only on generating card benefits with valuable creatures. It`s the most impressive element of the deck anyway, and when it comes to combining creatures and attrition, the game`s new name is Yorion, Sky Nomad. Although this list doesn`t look much like Martyr Decks, he is a spiritual successor to them. My list focuses a little more on the combo on the main deck, with Whir of Invention taking the place of the fourth Stoneforge Mystic and the Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, who found his way into the buffet. I was concerned about diminishing yields on Stoneforge Mystic when you only have two pieces of equipment to find, as it`s not a deck that can afford to draw dead cards. Thieves` Guild Enforcer and Soaring Thought-Thief are definitely the cream of the crop and losing weight to the bare bone fits perfectly into a Lurrus of the Dream-Den bowl.

On the one hand, this means abandoning Zareth San, the Trickster, the Brazen Borrower and the Nighthawk Scavenger. On the other hand, it means a stylish and effective deck backed by a companion`s “free” bonus. There are plenty of mid-range decks in Modern that play a great game of wear and tear and have the distance to include the Monastery Swiftspear decks, but they tend to fight against the Primeval Titan and Urzatron decks. But the versatility of this deck helps it hang on to both ends of the modern metagame, and that`s why I think it has a lot of potential to move forward. To be honest, I think the blue shell is good enough right now to surround it with every group of creatures to kill and remove, and it will always succeed. The trio of counterspells, archmage spells, and snapcasters can control and complete a game pretty well, especially when the Lurrus/Bauble pack is thrown into it. This is the basis for many successful URx decks. Fatal Push + Drown with the emergency buttons of Trophy and Decay as removal is fantastic to combine with. Great bridge overall. To quell the roar, I replaced a copy of Engineered Explosives with an ether magic bomb that does a lot of little things for that deck, like scrambling creature combos, slowing down agro decks, drawing cards with Emry, and even bouncing Urza so you can generate more building tokens. It was a valuable singleton for whirza decks in the past and I don`t see that changing.

Gideon, Zendikar`s ally is my choice for a threat to exert maximum pressure, although I also include a copy of Halvar, God of Battle so as not to overload a legendary threat and see its potential with the powerful equipment in the deck.

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