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During his academic career of more than 50 years, Moore has published more than 140 books, articles, editorials, and other scientific contributions, most recently documented in a Festschrift published in his honor, K. Ferzan and S. Morse, eds., Legal, Moral, and Metaphysical Truth: The Philosophy of Michael S. Moore (Oxford University Press, 2016). He is the author of Putting Blame: A General Theory of the Criminal Law (Oxford University Press, 1997), widely regarded as the leading modern statement of the retributivist theory of criminal law. In an earlier book, Act and Crime: The Philosophy of Action and its Implications for Criminal Law (Oxford University Press, 1993), Moore provided a unified theory of action underlying English and American criminal jurisprudence. In a later book, Causation and Responsibility: An Essay in Law, Morales, and Metaphysics (Oxford University Press, 2009), Moore examined the nature of causality and its relationship to moral and legal responsibility. Early in his career, he was the author of Law and Psychiatry: Rethinking the Relationship (Cambridge University Press, 1984), which explores the tension that often exists between legal and psychiatric theories. His latest book, Mechanical Brains and Responsible Choices, to be published soon, will return to the same themes, this time because they are raised by contemporary neuroscience rather than dynamic psychiatry. Professor Moore has given hundreds of lectures and papers worldwide in the fields of law, jurisprudence, political theory, philosophy of law, political science, economics, philosophy, psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience, including the most recent named lectures at Duke, Dartmouth, Columbia, Tel Aviv, Pennsylvania Universities, as well as the annual conference on public philosophy and the annual conference of the Center for Advanced Studies at the University. of Illinois. He is editor of numerous law and philosophy journals and was editor of Law and Philosophy for a decade. Michael Moore, also known as Michael Wright, has been in prison in Lockport, New York, since October 27, 2015.

Anyone who knows or has met Michael will agree that he is a talented musician with a dynamic stage presence. But on top of that, she is a caring person. And tends to help and trust others unconditionally. While this is a wonderful feature, this time it cost him his freedom. He has been in prison in New York for over 2 months and is accused of things he didn`t do. For months, there had been slander on Facebook about him, so much so that he had to shut down his pages. These slanderous campaigns were launched by jealous/vengeful people and hurt him personally and professionally. They spoke publicly about putting him in jail and worked together to put him in place. He has given permission to go to his websites and ask for support from his fans, those fans and friends who believe in him.

Any money collected is used for its legal cause. Anything you can offer helps. Current update, he cannot pay his bail, and due to the fact that he is not from New York and has no residence, he cannot be released alone. Please help free Michael. He regularly alternates his legal doctrine between first-year courses in criminal law, tort, contracts, property law and constitutional law and advanced courses in law and philosophy of law. During his 13 years on the faculty of the Illinois Department of Philosophy, he taught undergraduate courses in philosophy of law and political philosophy, as well as graduate seminars in neuroscience, ethics, theory of action, and metaphysics of causality. “On November 8, 2022, an unprecedented tsunami of voters will descend en masse to the polls — and ruthlessly eliminate all the last stinky traitors to our democracy,” Moore wrote on his subpile in October. Set a personal fundraising goal.

You will encourage more contributions if you do this. And rest quietly. There is no obligation to achieve your goal or bad consequences if you don`t. Simple, optional, effective. Tell us about the problem. Please complete the two fields below. He has held a number of fellowships and visiting scholarships, including two in the Law and Humanities Program at Harvard University, five at the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, and one at the Institute for Research in the Humanities at the University of California, Irvine, at Rockefeller Center in Bellagio. Italy, Georgetown University Law Center, University of Pennsylvania`s Center for Neuroscience and Society and Yale Law School. Embed a campaign widget into your website or blog with just a few code snippets. All images or videos will remain in the campaign media gallery. Mike has extensive training experience in commercial loan processing and enforcement, credit restructuring, foreclosures, receiverships, small business loan collections, construction claims and other financial services litigation.

Lawyer for the Prepared to Vote project and advocate for voting rights. Nothing draws more attention to your cause than a home video. Download a short video message to support it.

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