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The firm provides advice and representation for legal services in connection with the presentation of insurance claims, such as bad faith matters, coverage disputes, insurance disputes and appeals, business loss claims, and directors` and officers` liability claims. In all cases, wherever they lead, Merlin Law Group`s policy is to use every ounce of intelligence, creativity and tenacity of its lawyers to ensure full and fair remuneration for each client. Merlin Law Group lawyers select the best industry experts tailored to your specific type of claim and, in most cases, the firm will cover all the costs of experienced experts to create the strongest case for you, the policyholder. We also have a dedicated litigation team in case your case goes to court. Corey Harris has a particular affinity for condominium insurance law. Much of his legal experience has involved working with condominium corporations and boards of directors on matters relating to insurance policies and other liability policies and claims. At Merlin Law Group, we understand the pain and frustration that arises when you have suffered damage to your property. If your insurance company is supposed to be there to help you, it ends up causing a second disaster by abandoning its responsibility to its insured followers. Since 1985, Merlin Law Group has been dedicated to doing justice to policyholders in the management of their property insurance claims. Our insurance claims law firm successfully negotiated and recovered over $100 million in damages for an insured in a single case. With a dedicated testing team, the financial resources to combat insurers` delaying tactics, and an extensive network of loss mitigation experts, Merlin Law Group was able to differentiate itself from its competitors. Merlin Law Group operates on a contingency fee basis, which means we won`t get paid unless we win your case. We will also advance most costs before invoicing to ensure you have the strongest case.

Merlin Law Group lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so you won`t have to incur any costs unless we win your case. In many cases, Merlin Law Group will hire industry experts, among others, to create the ultimate case for you, the policyholder. In these cases, costs can add up heavily and quickly. Merlin Law Group lawyers know that this thorough and unbiased analysis can determine the success or failure of your insurance claim. Merlin Law Group strives for maximum settlement for our clients and will advance most costs prior to settlement. Insurers are obliged to reply in writing to policyholders in good time. These timelines vary from state to state, but you can find information about them in your policy by talking to your insurance agent or confirming with your local insurance regulatory office. If you receive a coverage decision, your insurer should list the reasons for the rejection and the portion of your policy they cite.

You can fill out our free case review form to provide relevant information about your application. Our staff will contact you and provide you with the available options. High-speed winds can cause serious damage to your property. To learn more about wind damage, click here. Hurricanes can wreak havoc on your home due to wind, water, and flooding. Learn more about hurricane damage here. If you need to make temporary repairs to the property, be sure to keep all receipts for expenses or services. You may be able to get reimbursed for these costs. If you receive a coverage decision, your insurer should list the reasons for the rejection and the portion of your policy they cite. Your insurance company will ask you questions about the claim. This may also be the time to submit photos, repair estimates, and proof of loss. Cases vary, but possible outcomes include out-of-court mediation, settlement and court proceedings.

Your lawyer can discuss these options with you in more detail. As founder and president of Merlin Law Group, Chip Merlin has dedicated his practice to representing and representing policyholders in disputes with insurance companies across the country. Since 1985, Chip has acted as counsel for plaintiffs, focusing on commercial and residential property insurance claims and bad faith insurance litigation. Chip served as president of the Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice (formerly known as The Association of Trial Lawyers of America).

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