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We have been providing legal messaging services in Bellingham and Whatcom County since 1978. GR-17 Services provides specialized legal messaging services for the Whatcom County Superior Court and related offices. Over 40 years of experience supporting the legal community in Whatcom County courts. Now, effective legal messengers offer GR-17 court filing services. We are at the Whatcom County Courthouse twice a day. First at 11:30 am and again at 4:00 pm. Useful tips to help your GR-17 ranking run smoothly. Provide a full range of legal support services including but not limited to: Litigation Service, Legal Messenger, Skip Trace, People Search, Asset Search, Background Investigation, Litigation Service, Court Filing. Please send all documents to Dispatch@SeattleLegalMessengers.com other deadlines are available when you request them. Local court regulations create two time limits. Noon and end of the day.

In order to meet these deadlines, we must receive your registration order with sufficient time to prepare your documents. Our goal is to do the following. Litigation services, subpoenas, eviction notices, eviction notices, subpoenas, small claims, field services, judicial research, | Records Recovery, Courthouse Mail, Legal Messenger, Skip Tracing, E-Filing, We are always here for you. If you need something that is not mentioned above, please call us to find out what we can do for you. Stay safe and thank you for using Seattle Legal. If you use our document upload system, submit the confirmation within a few minutes of completing your registration order. Your invoice and custom face pages will follow later. 4th Corner Network is open Mon, Tue, Sea, Thu, Fri. Plan ahead by providing us with some basic information about your GR-17 deposit order. Specialized – Same-day process Servant & Judicial Couriers – Legal mails and messengers Here is my availability for the week of September 12 to 16. Yes.

We are in operation and offer the following services.

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